"I am very pleased with the success of my tubal reversal. My husband and I were able to start trying for pregnancy within 3 months...and nine months later I had my son." -Donna

"My husband and I decided we wanted a bigger family, so I had Dr. Smith to reverse my tubal, and I was able to become pregnant 4 more times, and what a blessing." -Linda

"My husband and I are very pleased with the end result of my recent sexual enhancement surgery."  -Carol

"Dr. Robert Smith and Staff, I cannot thank each of you enough for the generosity and care you provided while I was at your hospital. I did not think having a tubal ligation reversal was possible. My husband and I made a decision 8 years ago to not have any mnore kids and because of you we were able to undo a BAD decision. We are truly blessed and so very thankful. Words cannot tell you how much we appreciate the care and bedside manners that were provided to myself and my family. I felt comfortable and very happy with my choice. From the minute I checked in until after I left the hospital I was given outstanding treatment. The nurses in out-patient surgery are amazing as well. There was not one bad experience I had. I would highly recommend you and Huguley Memorial Medical Center to anyone. I drove two hours just to come see you because I heard you were the best. I was told right!!! I look forward to updating you when I become pregnant and seeing you again. You are truly a blessing!" -Elisha