About Dr. Robert Smith

Dr. Robert Smith graduated from Loma Linda University Medical Center in Loma Linda, California in 1969. After his graduation from medical school, he did his residency in Kettering, Ohio. Then following his residency, he took a year off to be a missionary in Thailand. Dr. Smith then completed his internship in Southern California. Dr Smith is 65 years old, and has been married for 41 years. He has three loving children and four blessed grandchildren.

After practicing medicine in North Carolina for 3 years, Dr. Smith came to Huguley in 1978. Most of his thirty-year career has been at Huguley Memorial Hospital, and he has served multiple generations of women in the same family and has been able to offer continuous care throughout their lives. One of his greatest rewards has been the opportunity to care for some of the women that he has delivered in the course of his practice. Dr. Smith is the only physician currently at Huguley Memorial Hospital that performs tubal reversals. He also specializes in infertility as well as sexual enhancement surgery.